Global & Domestic Business Companies

OSMS can help you establish bespoke SPV and corporate vehicles in not only Mauritius but various jurisdictions worldwide through our network partners.

We provide all corporate and administrative services required, including:

Global Business Companies (GBCs) are governed by the Companies Act 2001 and The Financial Services Act 2007. Based on 2 categories of licence - GBL1 and GBL 2 - they provide an efficient vehicle for tax structuring and planning.

A GBC1 can be structured as a Collective Investment Scheme, Global Fund, Protected Cell Company or an investment holding company. A Trust can also qualify for a GBC1 licence. In addition to the benefits available to a GBC1 from the expanding network of DTAs, a GBC1 also offers investors the following advantages: • Low tax rate • Generous tax credits • No withholding tax on dividends, interest and royalties paid • No capital gains tax • Free repatriation of profits, capital and interest • No estate duty, inheritance, wealth or gift tax • Protection of assets

A GBC2 may provide a suitable vehicle when it is not required for a company to be tax resident in Mauritius, thus conferring various fiscal benefits such as no withholding tax on dividends and no capital gains tax.

Mauritius Domestic Company

Mauritius domestic companies (MDCs) are governed by the Mauritius Companies Act 2001 which was modelled after its counterpart from New Zealand. MDCs may be public or private and are generally employed to facilitate business with Mauritian residents or investing into the island.

Whilst MDCs may be 100% held by non-citizens of Mauritius, they are considered a resident for tax purposes and thus liable to a flat rate 15% on chargeable income.  Although unable to hold a Category 1 Global Business Licence they may still however access the various Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements (DTAAs) held by the island and are not subject to withholding tax on dividends, capital gains tax or exchange control.

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Mauritius Domestic Company with Freeport Licence

Strategically located in the Indian Ocean, between routes to Asia, Africa, Australia and Europe, Mauritius has emerged as a natural business hub for international trade and opens access to the 600 million consumer market that is Africa.

Mauritius is also a member of key regional trade agreements: AGOA (The African Growth and Opportunity Act);  EU-EPA (European Economic Partnership Agreement); COMESA (Common Market of Eastern and Southern Africa); and SADC (Southern African Development Community)  and its Freeport legislation provides for a comprehensive package of liberal incentives for companies looking for a cost-effective storage, assembly and redistribution platform.

A domestic company can apply for a Freeport Licence and benefit from significant fiscal and logistical advantages in the sector.

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